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National and regional cinemas

Category Cinema by country

African cinema

Cinema of Albania

Cinema of Argentina

Cinema of Australia

Cinema of Belgium

Cinema of Brazil

Cinema of Canada

Cinema of Quebec

Cinema of Chile

Cinema of China

Cinema of Colombia

Cinema of Cuba

Cinema of the Czech Republic

Cinema of Finland

Cinema of France

Cinema of Germany

Cinema of Hong Kong

Cinema of Hungary

Cinema of India

Cinema of Israel

Kannada cinema

Cinema of Malaysia

Cinema of Bangladesh

Cinema of Indonesia

Cinema of Iran

Cinema of Italy

Cinema of Japan

Cinema of Korea

Cinema of Luxembourg

Cinema of Mexico

Cinema of Nepal

Cinema of the Netherlands

Cinema of New Zealand

Cinema of Pakistan

Cinema of Poland

Cinema of Portugal

Cinema of Russia

Cinema of Singapore

Cinema of Slovakia

Cinema of South Africa

Cinema of Spain

Cinema of Sweden

Cinema of Taiwan

Cinema of Thailand

Cinema of Turkey

Cinema of the United Kingdom

Cinema of the United States

Cinema of Yugoslavia








Motion picture-related articles

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List of films by title: #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J-K, L, M, N-O, P, Q-R, S, T, U-V-W, X-Y-Z


Film genres and plots

List of films featuring extraterrestrials

List of animated feature-length films

List of character-based movie franchises

List of cinematic genres

List of comedy-drama films

Lists of comedy films

List of costume drama films

List of drama films

List of disaster films

List of fantasy films

List of film noir

List of gangster movies

List of gay-related movies

List of horror films

List of Mafia movies

List of punk movies

List of racism-related movies

List of religion films

List of science fiction films

List of war films


Cast and crew

List of actors

List of directors

List of show business families

List of soundtrack composers


Film companies

List of Hollywood agencies and management companies

List of film production companies

List of film production companies by country

List of Motion Picture Production Companies

List of Motion Picture Distributors

List of film distributors by country


Film details

List of computer-animated films

List of longest films by running time

List of film formats


Film success

Films considered the greatest ever

List of films considered the worst

List of highest-grossing films

List of movies that were financial failures

List of movies that have won eight or more Academy Awards


Awards and festivals

List of movie awards

List of film festivals

List of Academy Awards ceremonies

List of Golden Globe Awards ceremonies


Film links

List of airlines appearing in movies

List of fiction works made into feature films

List of film trilogies

List of television programs based on films

List of movies made into TV shows

List of non-fiction works made into feature films



List of Albanian films

List of British films

List of movies set in Hong Kong

List of movies set in Los Angeles

List of movies set in New York City

List of movies set in Puerto Rico



List of Alfred Hitchcock cameo appearances

List of films preserved in the United States National Film Registry

List of 'years in film'

List of Stephen King films

Lists of movie source material

List of films using the Wilhelm scream

List of cartoons featuring Hollywood celebrities

List of screenwriting software


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